• Bob Berman

    Bob Berman0

    Astronomer Bob Berman joins Dark Matter XM to discuss Earth-Shattering events that could lead to the end of Human Life plus much more in this hour-plus conversation. Dark Matter Radio.

  • Dark Matter: Ghost Buster Gals

    Dark Matter: Ghost Buster Gals0

    The legacy program “Dark Matter” returns to the air tonight, Tuesday, January 5th at 9:00 PM Eastern.Guests: The Ghostbuster Gals – Witchy Woman and Angel Girl. You can listen live here on our website and on our Facebook page Dark Matter

  • Alien Descendants of Modern Humans

    Alien Descendants of Modern Humans0

    Professor of anthropology and author Dr. Michael Masters joined Bob to discuss his theory that extraterrestrial visitors might actually be more along the lines of time-traveling humans with genetically altered DNA.